Tagbilaran City in Bohol

Tagbilaran City, the capital city of the province of Bohol in the Philippines, lies 630 kilometers southeast of Manila. The city is on the southwest end of the island of Bohol. It serves as the tourist's gateway when visiting this island province and its attractions like the Chocolate Hills. Visitors flying to Bohol enter through the city from other key locations like Cebu and Manila. The city's tourist pier is usually busy catering to seafarers and other travelers from other tourist destinations like Dumaguete, Dipolog, and Iligan.

Tagbilaran City Weather

The climate in Tagbilaran City is quite favorable the whole year round. The weather in the city is tropical, like the rest of the country. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the whole year so there isn't really a distinguishable wet or dry seasons. Tagbilaran City generally enjoys fair weather since storms are quite rare here. Visitors should expect the temperature here to be generally warm around 81.68 degrees Fahrenheit or 27.6 degrees Celsius.

Tagbilaran City Heritage

The name of the city was coined from two local terms that eventually meant hiding from Moros. Moros were marauders who raided Bohol Province beginning from its pre-colonial history. Perhaps the most celebrated event in Tagbilaran City's history is what has come to be known as the Sanduguan or blood compact between a local chieftain Datu Sikatuna and Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. A blood compact is a ritual that signifies a bond of friendship or a treaty of peace. Renowned Filipino artist Juan Luna commemorates this event as a masterpiece on canvass.

Tagbilaran City's Beach Havens

Tagbilaran City has a lot of interesting sights within or near the area. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people come to the city is its proximity to fabulous beaches and dive sites. Bikini beach, which is just about eight kilometers away from the city, is a popular destination. Other beaches like Alona and Momo beach on the nearby Panglao Island are also must see.

Diving in and around Tagbilaran City

People come to the province of Bohol for the many dive sites in the area. Some of the province's best dive sites are found near Tagbilaran City. The nearby islands of Panglao, Cabilao, Balicasag, and Pamiclan are some of the popular diving destinations. You may contact any of the diving outfitters and shops to schedule a trip to any of the said locations.

Tagbilaran's Historic Sites

There are several historic sights within the compounds of the city that are worth seeing. Blood Compact Shrine, old Spanish Churches like the Baclayon, Loboc, and Maribojoc churches, and Spanish watchtowers like the Punta Cuz, Pamiclan, Dauis, and Panglao watchtowers are some of these historic sites. Other sites in the city are the Bohol Museum, Lahos-Lahos Cave, Botanical Garden, and Mesias Cave.

Accommodations in Tagbilaran

Since Tagbilaran City is also a popular venue for conventions and conferences, finding accommodations here will not be much of a problem. You'll find lodgings that will suit your needs or cover whatever budget. Notable hotels and resorts include The MetroCentre, Darunday Manor, Bohol Tropics Resort, WRegent Plaza, CoCo Grove, and Hotel La Roca. Standard to mid-range accommodations will have rates starting around P800 to P1,200. Deluxe rooms or presidential suites here will have rates at more than P3,000 to as much as P6,000.

The Tagbilaran Gastronomic Experience

Aside from getting a ton of seafood and a lot of barbecues, the Tagbilaran gastronomic experience is widely varied. Brewpoint Coffee along JC Borja St, Caingit Fish Grill, Cion Verge Cafe, JJ's Dimsum, Martin's Music Resto-Bar, and the Odysseus Steak Haus are just samples of the whole picture. Meals in Tagbilaran City will be at the average rates, which is less than $10. Of course, food prices will also vary here depending on the care or restaurants you choose dine in. However, if you have cravings for fast food, you'll find them here as well.

Tagbilaran City is more than a diving haven and a popular conference destination. Its natural beauty is laced by the its historic heritage, which attracts visitors throughout the year.

From about 630 kilometers away from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines is the portal of Tagbilaran, the capital city of Bohol. Situated along the southwestern part of the province, Tagbilaran is the gateway to Bohol Island which is well known for its beautiful nature sceneries, beaches, resorts and other vacation getaway locations.

Tagbilaran is known to be the “City of Peace and Friendship” because of its peaceful population and friendly locals who live on the island. Tagbilaran is also among the most prestigious cities known as the 8 Philippine Dream Cities together with Naga, Marikina, San Fernando, La Union, Cebu City, Island Garden City of Samal, Iloilo City, Surigao City and Calbayog City.

Tagbilaran is also known to be one among the 20 very competitive cities in the Philippines in 2005 which was awarded by the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center.

Tagbilaran also has a remarkable trading commerce and serves as the main capital and business center of Bohol. Moreover, most education and transportation of the city is also centered in Tagbilaran thereby making it the heart of business, commerce, trading, educational and transportation center of the entire island of Bohol.

Being only 72 kilometers away from Cebu, many tourists take a boat trip going to the Tagbilaran Island in order to view some of its unique and historical churches that are about 16th century old.

One can find in Tagbilaran the Punta Cruz pirate watchtower and the well known monument that commemorates the blood compact between Rajah Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi which marks a significant part of the Philippine history.

Bacalayon, the oldest church of Bohol and is also found on the eastern town of Bool in Tagbilaran and several tourists are always seen visiting the place. If one craves for white beaches, Panglao Island is the best place to visit.

Known of its luscious trees, white sands and beautiful sunset, Panglao Island offers great serenity among tourist to rest and get close to nature. There are many hotels in Panglao Island. Some are expensive though since most of its target visitors are mostly tourists. Asking the locals can help you find a more reasonably priced hotel to stay in. Irregardless of where you stay, you can always indulge watching the breathtaking sunset for free.

The famous Chocolate Hills is also among the tourist attraction in Tagbilaran City. One can enjoy watching the mounds of hills that look like chocolates under the rays of the sun.

The world’s smallest primate is also found in Tagbilaran City. Tarsiers, the smallest animal creatures that are raised on its natural forest habitat are a favorite stop over among tourists visiting the Tagbilaran Island.

Because of the beautiful tourist and scenic spots in Tagbilaran Island, it has become a favorite venue for National conventions. Tagbilaran then became famous for its white beaches, nature beauties, scenic spots, historical heritage and diving spots that merit it to become one of the eco-tourism destination promoted by the Philippine’s Department of Tourism which is worth a visit.



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