How to get to Tagbilaran

Almost every tourist knows that Tagbilaran Bohol has some of the finest beaches, dive sites, historical and natural landmarks in the Philippines, hence its eminent place among the countrys eco tourist destinations. What makes it an even more attractive place to visit are the various ways one can get there.

Getting to Tagbilaran City by Plane

If you are looking for the fastest and most convenient way to get to Tagbilaran City from the nations capital, then you should book a flight from Manila direct to Tagbilaran. At present all the major airlines, from Asian Spirit, Laoag International Airlines and Ph8ilippine Airlines (PAL) conduct flights daily to Bohols capital.

If you are emanating from Cebu City, then head over to Mactan International Airport and catch one of the connecting flights (from Asian Spirit) that will take you to Tagbilaran City. It is also possible coming from Manila to take a flight to Cebu, and then get to Tagbilaran by boat.

If you are in Pampanga, your best option is to reserve a ticket for a flight from Angeles City to Cebu and take the connecting flight that will take you to Bohol.

Getting to Tagbilaran by Sea

A slower, but cheaper alternative to getting to Tagbialaran City Bohol is by taking a ferry boat. There are several choices available, and it will depend on where you are coming from.

From Manila you simply have to drive to the nearest port and book a seat to a ferry that will transport you directly to Tagblialran City. All the major shipping companies have direct routes there, so finding one will not be a problem.

The same can be said for Cebu, as the ships and ferries there also have direct routes to Bohol. Aside from the ferry services offered by the major companies, there are also, both in Cebu and Manila, fastcrafts available. Also known as fast cats, water jets or catamaran, they can cut the travel time by half an hour.

It should be noted that traveling by ferry will usually take a whole day, about 25 hours or so. By contrast, a plane ride will take only about an hour and half at most. From Cebu to Bohol the flight time could be as little as half an hour.

However, the advantage with taking a ferry to Tagbilaran is that you will get to enjoy the view of the many islands that you pass by.

Regardless of which ferry you took, you will be taken most likely to the Tagbilaran City Pier, or in some instances at the other ports in Bohol, including, but not limited to, Buenavista, Tubigon, Jagna, Jetafe and Ubay. From that point on you can rent out several vessels or bancas that can take you to the best diving spots in Tagbilaran City, or tour some of the islands there.

Modes of Transportation in Tagbilaran

Within the city proper the traveler can avail of the numerous transportation services available. The most common is the pedicab or tricycle. These three wheeled motor vehicles are used to transport people to short distances, and can accommodate up to four people. If you are traveling as a group you can take the multicab, which can sit up to eight people.

Part of Tagbilaran transportation are the taxicabs, which provide a more comfortable (but costlier) means of traveling across the city. If you need to travel longer distances (for example, if you want to visit some of the tourist attractions in the other areas), you will need to take an air conditioned bus. These buses can be found at the Grand Terminal.

Some of them are mini buses, and it should be noted that their rates vary according to where you are headed. To get to the Tagbilaran bus terminal you just take a pedicab and ask the drier to take you to the bus station.

There are also vans that are rented for use, and like the buses, some can be found near the airport or the pier, ready for your beck and call.

Whatever your budget is, there is always an affordable and cost effective way to get to Tagbilaran Bohol. By reviewing all the alternatives available, you will be able to make the proper decision and travel in the manner you like.



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