Beaches in and Around Tagbilaran

The island province of Bohol is surrounded by some of the most exquisite beaches in the Philippines. If you are in Tagbilaran City, you are in the best location, as it is only a few minutes away from the grandest beaches in the province.

Anda Beach

Anda Beach is where you should head to if you feel like taking a break from all the noise and merrymaking that has become the trademark of most beaches.

Anda Beach, owing to its secluded spot, is visited by fewer people, and is thus suitable for relaxing and rejuvenating the mind and soul. Lying on the white sands, and just feeling the rush of the waters, can bring about a healing and energizing effect that permeates through the whole body.

Momo Beach

On the northern tip of Panglao Island is Momo Beach, where beginners can safely learn to swim and still have fun.

The advantage of Momo Beach is that the waters are not too deep, giving the new swimmer plenty of room to learn. But even if you are an experienced one, youll still enjoy the sights and sounds of Momo Beach; day or night, the soothing caresses of the waters never leave you.

Alona Beach

Only about thirty minutes away from Tagbilaran City is Panglao Island, where the beautiful Alona Beach is located.

With its immaculate white sands and coconut trees, Alona Beach has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Panglao, and today there are several resorts around the area. Aside from swimming and promenading, the beach is also a great place for diving.

Kaingit Beach

If you want to spend some time with the local populace, be sure to drop by Kaingit Beach in Tagbilaran City, particularly on the weekends.

Its popularity with the locals, as well as foreign visitors, turn the placid area into a party place, with plenty of people, fun laughter and games. If partying at the beach is your thing, make Kaingit Beach a part of your itinerary.

Bikini Beach

Panglao Island, which is very near to Tagbilaran City, is the home of Bikini Beach, one of the most well-liked and trendiest, both

among locals and foreign visitors.

A testament to the popularity of Bikini Beach are the large number of cottages and resorts that have emerged in the area. There are also areas that have been designated as parks, with tables, chairs and picnic areas.

Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan Beach is just to the south of Bohol, and is very near Alona Beach, and just like its neighbor, drawing in ever growing

number of visitors, from all over the world.

One of the things that distinguishes Dumaluan Beach are its resorts, which are among the classiest anywhere in the country. This is only fitting as the white sands, indeed the whole environment, is head and shoulders above other beaches.

Laya Beach

A few minutes driving from Tagbilaran Bohol is all you need to get to Laya Beach in the town of Baclayon, one of the island provinces top destinations.

Laya Beach has all the things you could ask for: its white sands provide a complement to the calming waters, and the cool breeze of the air. There are also several coconut trees in and around the coastline, and best of all, it is filed with friendly people, making it ideal for parties and get-togethers.

Tagbilaran City has its own innate attractions, but adding to it is simply its location; by placing you right in the middle of the most glorious beaches in Bohol, a day in the lazing away in the sands is never more than a few minutes away.



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