Tagbilaran Hotels and Resorts

Situated at the heart of the Philippine province of Bohol, Tagbilaran City offers a comprehensive lineup of some of the most outstanding, most convenient, and excellent hotels and resorts in the country. These wonderful locations perfectly complement the booming tourism industry in the area as they provide tourists and guests a comfortable, relaxing, and pleasurable stay while exploring the beautiful sights and sounds all over the region.

Bohol Tropics Resort

Located along Graham Avenue within Barangay Cogon, Bohol Tropics Resort is one of the top hotels and resorts in Tagbilaran City. It features an outstanding range of world-class amenities like Jacuzzis, a tennis court, and swimming pools. Add to that, the place hosts the outstanding restaurants Seglim Seafoods and Ihaw-Ihaw as well as Café Atanacio. Simultaneously, the place also offers a variety of super clean, elegant, and comfortable rooms, complete with basic room amenities like digital safety boxes, personal refrigerators, and bathtubs. The prices for Standard Rooms range from 1,265 pesos to 1,595 pesos, while Executive Deluxe Rooms cost more at around 1,815 pesos. The Superior Rooms cost 1,925 pesos, Ambassador Rooms cost 2,035 pesos, while the price for Presidential Suites is set at 3,850 pesos.

MetroCentre Hotel and Convention Center

Found along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, MetroCentre Hotel and Convention Center is a favorite stop over among tourists and guests who pass by the beautiful City of Tagbilaran. This ultra fine hotel has excellent basic amenities like a soothing sauna, a complete fitness gym, and an enjoyable swimming pool. In terms of rooms, people can choose from different types of exciting units including Standard Rooms for only 1,250 pesos, Superior Rooms for 1,450 pesos, and Deluxe Rooms for 1,960 pesos. For grander accommodations, they can also try Family Rooms for 2,900 pesos, Penthouse Suites for 4,100 pesos and Presidential Suites for 6,150 pesos.

Hotel La Roca

Situated along Graham Avenue in Tagbilaran City, many people consider Hotel La Roca as one of the most convenient hotels in the area. Inside this beautiful facility, tourists and guests can find excellent hotel amenities that include a souvenir shop, swimming pool, and different kinds of function rooms. It also has an in-house restaurant called Café de Bohol, which serves super delicious food and very refreshing drinks. In terms of rates, the rooms at this premier hotel are very affordable, with Single Rooms available for only 840 pesos and Standard Twin for 960 pesos. Likewise, its best rooms are not that expensive as well, with Deluxe Double rooms for only 1,080 pesos, Deluxe Twin rooms for 1,200 pesos, and Penthouse Suites for only 3,240 pesos. Each of these wonderful units has a private bathroom, an in-room telephone, as well as a cable television set.

Wregent Plaza Hotel

Located along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue in Tagbilaran City, Wregent Plaza Hotel is a first-rate hospitality service provider famous for its outstanding amenities, friendly accommodations, and convenient services. The place has numerous capacious function rooms, which are perfect for holding huge events like birthdays, weddings, and other forms of special gatherings. Additionally, this prime hotel has an in-house restaurant that serves delectable cuisines and other specialties. Inside, people can choose from different types of rooms including Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Suites. Prices for Standard Rooms range from 800 to 900 pesos, while Deluxe Rooms are more expensive at the rate of 1,100 to 1,200 pesos. The Suites cost 1,400, which are the best guestrooms offered inside this nice hotel. Basic in-room facilities include refrigerators, cable television sets, as well as hot and cold shower fixtures.

The Meridian Hotel

Found at 4 S. Matig-A Street, the Meridian Hotel is a convenient, comfortable, and relaxing place to stay in Tagbilaran City. It boasts of clean, simple, yet highly efficient guestrooms that include Standard Single units, Superior Single rooms, and Deluxe Suites. With an extremely low budget of 650 pesos to 950 pesos, customers can already avail any of these wonderful rooms, which have an outstanding lineup of basic in-room amenities such as private bathrooms, cable television sets, and air-conditioning units.

Coralandia Resort and Restaurant

Situated at 45 Graham Avenue in Tagbilaran City, Coralandia Resort and Restaurant is a budget hotel that offers super affordable rooms without compromising the quality of its services and amenities. Inside this wonderful place, people can find a restaurant and bar that offers different kinds of super delicious food. At the same time, it has nice and refreshing cottages where tourists and guests can relax, unwind, and have fun while exploring the beauty of the city. The rooms here cost only from 375 pesos to 875 pesos, with basic in-room amenities like electric fans, comfortable beds, and private bathrooms.



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