Tagbilaran Sightseeing

The heart of the paradise island of Bohol is located in Tagbilaran City. This city is endowed with several beautiful enchanting scenic spots to visit which allure many tourists to set foot in Tagbilaran City making Bohol Province’s capital city a hot spot tourist destination in the Philippines.

Scattered around Tagbilaran City are different tourist spots that are worth visiting that paved the way for the opening of many establishments such as first class hotels, restaurants and resorts making Tagbilaran City a favorite place for conventions where business is capped with pleasurable trips to different scenic spots in Tagbilaran.

Tagbilaran City is Bohol Province’s capital that serves as the gateway to Bohol Island. The city is an elongated strip of two mountains along Bohol Province and there are different tourist destinations in Tagbilaran City that are favorites for sightseeing, some with historical backgrounds and a close nature encounter.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Tagbilaran City is famous for its butterfly garden, a python cave, a pond, bird blind and a turtle cave. Nature lovers will really enjoy a visit here.

Hinagdanon Cave

This cave is best known to tourists because it has been open for public viewing and is a favorite stop over among tourists. It has an underwater cool pool with a natural overhead lighting from two holes in the roof. One can view the intricate modernistic paintings on the cave as you begin to walk down the steps going into Hinagdanan Cave.

Lahos Lahos Cave

Lahos Lahos Cave is just near Tagbilaran City’s Botanical Garden and it is famously described by tourists as an upside down cathedral. The cave has a stream that runs through it with steps that lead down to a bathing pool.

Mesias Cave

Mesias Cave is another cave famous in Tagbilaran that exhibits impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites. This cave is yet to be fully explored by spelunkers and the cave reserves its beauty through the beautiful stone formations inside the cave.

Elly Hill

This is the hill known for pilgrimage in Tagbilaran City. Many faithful go up the Elly Hill as part of their devotion and to observe the solemnity of the Lenten Season.

The Salazar Park

Salazar Park is famous as the marker where the fiercest guerilla of Bohol, Capt. Francisco Salazar, died while fighting the Japanese army.

Bohol Museum

The Bohol Museum was the home of the former President of the Philippine Republic Carlos P. Garcia. One can find precious memorabilia of the former President, distinctive art objects, zoological, archeological and botanical materials from Bohol.

The Blood Compact Site

This is the site where the famous part of Philippine history is where the blood compact between the fierce and ardent leader of Bohol Raha Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legaspiz from Spain took place and is commemorated until present day. One can find the monument of the blood compact act and it is a common tourist destination in Tagbilaran City.

Baclayon Museum

The museum is located inside the Baclayon Church that showcases different religious artifacts, librettos of church music printed in Latin and on animal skin, ecclesiastical vestments and 16th century artifacts and relics.

Kaingit Beach

Kaingit Beach has a natural cove formation that gives a perfect beach ambience for a relaxing getaway from Tagbilaran’s bustling city and lifestyle. The beach is full with both tourists and locals visiting the ocean for a leisure weekend.

Dauis Church

Dauis church is considered to be one of the Philippine’s most beautiful churches owing to its beautiful Spanish architecture that describe the past culture of Bohol. Inside the church is a well that is located close to the altar.

Chocolate Hills

This is the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol Province where one can see the 1,268 mounds of hills that look like chocolate during dry season. The height of these hills ranges from 30-50 meters tall.

Tarsier Sanctuary

This is the home for the Philippine’s midget monkeys that are considered to be an endangered species. These are the world’s smallest primates and while shy will be very visible and a must photo opportunity.

Tagbilaran is endowed with many tourist destinations that are perfect for sightseeing and a getaway trip to enjoy the historical landmarks in Bohol along with beautiful beaches, enchanting caves and a close encounter with nature.



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